To prepare for the worship experiences, all attendees will be asked to register online for the worship experience they will attend.

You will be able to select the service and area you wish to attend. We will have the main worship center and an overflow area available.

Each service and location will have a maximum number of seats available and once that number is reached, it will be disabled.

Overflow will be in the student building with chairs set up for social distancing. We will stream the service to the overflow area.

When you arrive, you will be checked in to ensure that you have previously registered.

The best way for checkin is via the Church Center app. This will provide the best contactless checkin process.

When you arrive you can scan a QR Code at a checkin station and at that point will be checked in to your service.

We will also have volunteers at stations with devices ready to check people in.

If you have not registered, you will be asked to either attend in the overflow area (if there is room) or register for another service.

If there is still room in the service you are wanting to attend, you will be checked into that service.

Once you pull onto the parking lot, you will be directed by our parking team consisting of volunteers and staff as to where you need to park.

We will park cars every other parking spot to allow for social distancing and space.

We will have people in the parking lot with hand held signs with COVID precautions.

VIP Parking will still be in place and will be designated parking for first time guests. We will park VIPs the same (every other spot) as other cars.

This is the point of crowd control and helps ensure that we don’t create a log jam anywhere else.

After you are parked, you will be instructed to remain in you car until a host meets you at your car and walks you through the checkin process for the service you are attending.


We will have VIP parking for our first-time guests and one person will host the VIP gift table at a location that is either outside or inside the lobby.

The Connect Card can be filled out on the VIPs mobile device, simply by texting us: FSCVIP to 97000.

If you are the VIP, you will grab your own gift from the table.



Greeters will be stationed outside of the buildings and in the main lobby to direct guests.

Greeters will direct people to our checkin stations and greet and keep the energy up as people enter the building.

There will be limited entry points into each building.

The two main doors will be the only entry point into the main building. All other doors will remain locked.

The side lobby doors will be the only doors open in the student building. All other doors will remain locked.

Children’s building will remain closed

All entry doors will remain propped open so guests will not have to open or touch door handles.

Although the side doors will be locked for entry, they will remain accessible for exiting via push bar in case of emergency.



Worship center doors will open 15 minutes before service to provide time for guests to find their seats and ensure social distancing.

Worship Hosts will be stationed at each section of seating to direct guests to their seats.

Families of four or less will be directed to sit together in a row.

If there is a group that is more than four, they will have to be seated in two different groups of four chairs.

All guests will enter through the two main worship center doors.

There will be an MC on stage whenever people are in the room to intersperse videos, fun, safety reminders, etc. They will remain on stage until the beginning of the worship experience.

Guests will be instructed by an MC on stage as to how to exit and will not be able to exit until instructed to do so.

Everyone will be dismissed row by row, from back to front (Worship Hosts will direct, MC will reinforce)

Guests sitting on the right side of the worship center (closest to the restrooms) will exit out the side doors of the worship center and exit the building through the side lobby doors or the side door facing the parking lot.

Guests sitting in the middle sections will exit out the main worship center doors and head through the lobby to the exit doors.

Guests sitting on the left side of the worship center (down the nursery hallway) will exit out the side doors of the worship center and exit out of the nursery checkin area.Place offering boxes at all exits.

One host at doors watching offering box. The host will have instructions to NOT LEAVE until the offering box is removed by security/finance team.

During this Phase Two plan the service will be a family-friendly worship experience, there will be no Kid’s Ministry or childcare available.



We will monitor number of people that are entering and exiting.

We will sanitize during and after each worship experience.



Team leads will remind teams to maintain social distancing the entire time they are on campus.


Our goal is to exceed CDC guidelines

Hand sanitizer – available for volunteers upon request, encourage them to bring a bottle they can keep in their pocket for easy access, as needed, without leaving their volunteer position.

We will be thoroughly  sanitizing the building in-between services

Masks worn by all volunteers and staff (Church will provide)

Masks available for any guest who doesn’t bring one. This will be required as per our state and CDC guidelines.

No masks for onstage (worship team, band, pastor, MC)

Once anyone on stage comes off stage, they will need to wear a mask.

There will be no coffee/doughnuts/bagels available or offered.

This will apply to both the free/complimentary as well as the coffee shop.

Bookstore will not be open.

MC – will offer reminders during the service and at the end of the worship experience, the lights will stay up to enable worship hosts to easily seat guests and the MC will remind everyone to stay seated until directed to leave.

Radios – all Team Leads will have radios for thorough communication and quick response

Screening stations – located near main entrance. Medical staff will take the temperature of anyone exhibiting symptoms.