I love Fresh Start because it's where relationships with Jesus begin.

Ron Stackhouse

I love Fresh Start because we have a way of reaching the broken to help transform their lives.

Sonya Pacera

I love Fresh Start Church because it opens doors for me to share the hope and love of Jesus with others!

Justin LaBor

I love Fresh Start because the high energy environment is captivating. Church is somewhere I don't have to go to, Church is somewhere I want to go.

Rachel Teegarden

I love Fresh Start because when I was alone and lost, they welcomed me into the family. And that's where my Father was waiting for my return, with His open arms!

Ron DelCorso

There are so many reasons why our community loves Fresh Start Church.  We have strived to create an environment where individuals from all walks of life feel welcomed and can find a safe place to learn about the God who loves them.  We believe that when we help people connect with their Creator, true life change happens.  That’s what we are all about, and that’s is where your contribution to this vision becomes so important.

As you seek to grow in your own faith and reach out to others, serving faithfully, giving sacrificially and praying unceasingly is the foundation that helps us reach our community for Christ.  During the month of June, we ask that you would prayerfully consider how you can become a greater part of the vision.  How can you increase your kingdom impact through serving in a more meaningful capacity, or giving a sacrificial gift?

In the month of July, we will be taking a special offering that will help us to do the following: escalate our growth, elevate our environments, accelerate our repayment of financial obligations, innovate greater ways to impact the community and facilitate the use of our resources for an even greater impact.

How will you be a part of helping others find a Fresh Start?


Fresh Start is passionate about meeting the needs of those not only in our local community, but around the world.  With feeding centers in Guatemala and Honduras we are impACTing the world by providing for individuals most basic needs so that we can also provide them with the good news of Jesus. In addition to MANNA Worldwide, Fresh Start partners with C3 Global, who assists in meeting spiritual and physical needs of orphans both in Haiti and Guatemala.  Your contributions will allow us to escalate our reach into areas locally and around the world by assisting missionaries, providing meals and support, and sharing the love of Jesus.
At Fresh Start Church, we strive to create environments where anyone can come in off the street and feel comfortable and welcomed.  We do that in hopes of removing any obstacles that could stand in the way of an individual connecting with the God who created them.  With our upcoming addition of our Champions Club ministry, Fresh Start is striving to meet the desires of special needs parents and children to have an safe environment where both parent and child can be safe and experience growth, both personally and spiritually.
Fresh Start Church has always held financial responsibility as one of its highest priorities as we continue to find more innovative and creative ways to Connect the Love of Christ to the Heart of Our Community.  The main auditorium and Student Ministry Building, which was built at a cost of just over $3.7 million, has allowed us to continue to grow, but we are not done yet.  By accelerating our debt repayment, which constitutes approximately 20% of our operating budget, we would save significant dollars on interest payments which would give us the freedom and flexibility to use those funds to further our mission of reaching our community for Christ.
Because our God is a creative God, we believe in the idea of creating experiences that both excite and impact those who participate.  While Fresh Start has been leading in this area, we know that it is crucial to stay on the cutting edge of leading technologies.  With investments in improved digital media and streaming platforms, we believe we can expand our reach to not only additional local markets, but markets around the world.
By the consistent giving of your tithes/offerings we are able to manage well the facility that God has given us, hire staff that allows us to meet the ever growing needs of our church, and provide proven leadership to the vision of Fresh Start Church.