At Fresh Start Church, the difference between an attender and a partner can be summed up in the word commitment. Partners are committed to the mission and vision of Fresh Start Church and are willing to do three things…
  1. Serve the Mission
  2. Share the Mission
  3. Sacrifice for the Mission
The following steps are necessary for you to become a partner at Fresh Start Church…


Get a full, interactive tour of what happens at Fresh Start Church during a weekend experience.  You’ll walk through all of our environments and get to see what it takes to make church happen.  You’ll also learn what it means to Explore, Experience and Express and why each step is important on your spiritual journey.  Finally, learn ways that you can connect with others through LOOPs and becoming a Fresh Start Church Volunteer.


The NEXT class is a one hour class designed to help you understand more about what Fresh Start Church is all about.  You’ll learn how we’re structured, what we believe and why we do some of the things we do.  We’ll also go over what being a Partner means and why it’s important for you to jump in and help to carry out the weightloss mission of Fresh Start Church.  The NEXT Class is the 4th Saturday of the month.  You must have taken the Back Stage Tour first before taking the NEXT Class.


Once you’ve taken the Back Stage Tour and NEXT, and have been scripturally baptized, the final step to becoming a partner is signing the Partnership Covenant.  The covenant allows us to partner together to help the mission of Fresh Start Church continue to move forward so that more people can be given a Fresh Start.