It’s time to get connected in a LOOP at Fresh Start.  Check out the LOOPs available below and click the join button next to the one that fits you best.

Take a look at the LOOPs below and see which one best fits you and your schedule.  You can sort them by various criteria like day of the week and location.  You can even enter your address and see which ones are closest to you.  When you’re ready to sign up, just click the blue “JOIN” button and fill in your info and you’re all set!

Please Note:  If husband and wife are joining together, please join twice, once for the husband and once for the wife.

What is a LOOP?

Living in community with other people is the best way to live out your purpose.  At Fresh Start, we do that in a LOOP.  LOOP stands for “Live Out Our Purpose.”  It’s in this community that you’re cared for, challenged and have a chance to grow.  Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

If you’ve never been in a LOOP or are ready to get started again, check back in September where you’ll be able to sign up and get started “living out our purpose.”