Take a look at the map below and click on the blue circles to learn more about each step and how you can continue to progress on your spiritual journey.

The Journey is the best way to grow spiritually. You’ll learn along with a small group of people what it means to Explore God, Experience Faith and Express Life. Check out more and sign up on our Journey Page
The Back Stage Tour is the best way for you to know more about Fresh Start Church and see what goes on behind the scenes on a weekend. It’s the third Saturday of every month during the 5pm service. Sign up for the next tour at FreshStart.Church/Tour
Baptism is your next step after you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. If you’ve never been baptized, we can baptize you any weekend at Fresh Start. Find out more and sign up on our baptism page.
LOOPs are our small groups that meet all over South Jersey and are all about connecting with each other in community and challenging each other to live out our purpose. To check out what LOOPs we have for you, just visit our LOOPs Page
Being a Partner means that you’re all in at Fresh Start Church and have decided to make this your home church. You are ready to use your time, talent and treasure to serve Christ and help reach those far from God. To learn more about what it takes to become a Partner, check out our Partnership Page
Volunteering is all about taking the gifts God gave you and using them to serve others. You are never more like Jesus than when you are serving other people. To learn more about the ways you can volunteers at Fresh Start, check out our Volunteer Page